Saturday, December 7, 2013

Photos and Videos

To see some videos, you can go to my YouTube Page, and you can watch this video.

Playing for commencement excercises at BYU-Hawaii, December 2012
Playing with Shaka Steel at BYU-Hawaii
Performing for BYUH Got Talent, Spring 2013
Playing for my Junior Recital at BYUH, Spring 2012

Me with the BYUH Salsa Orchestra, Spring 2011

Having some fun at BYUH Got Talent, Spring 2013 (We took 2nd place)

Preparing for a performance, December 2012

Singing for a television station in Auckland, New Zealand, June 2013

Playing the steel pan for an outdoor concert, Spring 2011

Playing with Shaka Steel, Fall 2011

Playing the marimba with Shaka Steel, Fall 2011

Playing the Tahitian To'ere, Fall 2011

Playing the xylophone with Shaka Steel in Kauai, Spring 2012

Having fun with the steel pan in Kauai, Spring 2012

Playing a duet with Egha Kusuma at BYUH, Spring 2012

The BYUH Salsa Orchestra, Spring 2012

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