Friday, October 10, 2014

Upcoming Graduate Recital (and how busy it's been)

I will be performing a graduate recital on October 29th, at 8:30pm.  It will include many works for a variety of percussion instruments, from marimba to steel pan to Tahitian drums.  I will be assisted by members of the MU percussion quartet, and my amazing wife, Sarah.  Admission is free, and I hope to see you all there.
It's been quite the process preparing for this recital.  This has been one of the busiest times of my life.  Not only have I had to prepare about an hours worth of difficult music, but I have had to do it while taking nineteen credits, teaching lessons, extra rehearsals, and fulfilling my responsibilities as an intern.  I'm pretty sure that the stress is making me lose my hair.
Although it has been busy, it has also been rewarding.  We'll see how the recital goes, but my classes have taught me a lot so far.  I am trying to obtain certificates in Music Entrepreneurship and Jazz Studies, which I feel are giving me more direction in my career goals.  I have to write lots and lots of papers, but the process is helping me to grow.
I'm hoping that in the midst of this I'll be able to apply to schools for a doctoral degree, but I'm taking that one day at a time.  I've narrowed down a list of possible options and have made calls, now I just need to submit the applications.  I'll keep you posted on that.
But enough about all that, you all want to hear about the recital.  One of my favorites will be a trio by Andy Akiho called "Aka," it features me on steel pan, Sarah Edwards on cello, and Kyle Bauche on drumset.  It is pretty jamming, and is bound to make you dance in your seat.  You can check out the original here.  Let me know what you think.
So to anyone who has ever been as busy as me and has survived, I could definitely use your advice as to how to stay sane.  But all the craziness will pay off once I play this awesome recital.

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